Classic, sophisticated and rich in texture, embroidery performs well in a variety of settings. When done right it can also offer incredible durability, perfect for baseball jerseys, hockey jerseys, uniforms and almost all manner of apparel. We provide high-quality embroidery service for jerseys, apparel and various other products, bringing over 35 years of experience and a sharp attention to detail to every project.

Our Process

Today the embroidery process is quicker, easier and cheaper than ever before. First, we use special computer software to digitize the desired image, whether a logo, name, number or other graphic. This emulates the stitch-work, which the embroidery machine will understand. The machine then recreates that image on fabric with incredible accuracy.

Our Costs

The cost of our embroidery service depends on a number of factors, including the size of the design and the number of stitches required. This figure will also reflect the digitization process. After we have digitized the image, though, we can reuse the same file to create a series of garments—so if you’re happy with your custom hockey jersey, you can quickly and easily place another order to outfit your entire team in style, without incurring another cost for setup.

To cut down on costs associated with stitch-work, you can also combine embroidery and tackle twill for a technique called tackle twill appliqué. This option incorporates the exquisite detail of embroidery and the cost-efficiency of tackle twill, perfect for hockey jerseys, baseball jerseys and school or team apparel.