PRO-FIT Sublimation Information

Many of our associations and teams are now moving to sublimation for a variety of reasons. Very briefly, we take white material and permanently dye it with vibrant colors & graphics and the quality is excellent. There are numerous advantages to a sublimated garment such as:

*Incredible graphics
*Price includes sublimating logos, numbers, sponsors etc.
*The ability to Customize & Personalize
*Weight advantage
*Easy re-ordering
*Unlimited colors
*Etc. Etc. Etc.

The sublimation process produces outstanding garments that combine striking colors with incredible graphics and classy special effects like gradient colours (colours fading into each other). It is now possible to affordably provide teams and leagues with stunning uniforms that can be decorated with multi-coloured logos and numbers, symbols like flags, player and/or sponsor names, and special designs like stars, flames etc. This is all done in one process and the garment is permanently dyed. Unlike screen printing there is no cracking,peeling or fading and the number of colours does not affect the price. There are no screen setup fees and if you need an extra jersey,we just print you another one right from the computer.

Sublimated products stay looking great for years.